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Employment and Training Administration

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Department of Labor


The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) provides high-quality job training, employment, and labor market information. ETA also administers federal government job training and worker dislocation programs, oversees federal grants to states for public employment service programs, and offers unemployment insurance benefits. These income maintenance services are primarily provided through state and local workforce development systems.

Designated Services

Searching for careers, training, and workforce services using CareerOneStop


CareerOneStop is the flagship career, training, and job search website and platform that serves as a practical resource for individuals and those assisting them in their employment journeys; CareerOneStop provides essential information on jobs, career paths, training options, and local services like unemployment benefits, and connections to American Job Centers. The platform offers specialized assistance for various customer needs, such as supporting individuals with criminal records, aiding those affected by natural disasters, and providing targeted opportunities for Veterans and youth employment. Available through different electronic delivery systems, the platform's integrated tools aim to provide practical insights for job seekers, students, workers, workforce intermediaries, and employers, fostering informed decisions in today's evolving job market.

Using CareerOneStop APIs to integrate into web content


CareerOneStop provides a valuable resource for individuals seeking information on jobs, careers, training, and local work services. Public and private organizations such as Labor Market Information offices, local workforce boards, American Job Centers, and private job sites rely on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to integrate quality CareerOneStop information into their websites, enabling users to access to job postings, salary information, and other relevant data. With over 1,000 registered API users, including major players like EMSI, Indeed, Monster, Amazon, and Google, CareerOneStop facilitates the seamless integration of workforce information into various platforms.

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