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Public Experience Portfolio

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The Public Experience Portfolio strives to unify, improve, and standardize the experience the public has interacting with the Federal government. The Public Experience Portfolio operates USAGov, a program that connects people with government information more than 113 million times a year through websites (USA.gov and USAGov en español), social media, email, and phone calls and chats to the USAGov Contact Center.

Designated Services

Finding government information quickly (in English and Spanish)


USAGov connects people with government information through various channels, including websites, social media, email, and the USAGov Contact Center. USAGov websites, including USA.gov and USAGov en Español, focus on serving customers who do not know where to start, or who may be confused or frustrated by prior government interactions. USAGov provides access to content for Spanish speakers by offering a trusted bilingual starting point where users can affirm their efforts to date, use the USAGov channels to find a more appropriate course of action, or find a referral to the proper agency that can help an individual complete their task.

Determining eligibility and referrals


USAGov consolidates government information and acts as the “federal front door” by simplifying access to government benefits, providing a benefits navigation tool, and offering personalized recommendations and referrals. Using interactive flows in both English and Spanish, visitors navigate through filters to pinpoint relevant benefit programs, starting with bereavement, retirement, and disability benefits.

Action Plans