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Federal Employment Services

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Office of Personnel Management


The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) manages USAJOBS, the Federal government’s centralized website for listing civil service job opportunities with Federal agencies. USAJOBS is designed to help recruit and retain a world-class Government workforce serving the American people by connecting job seekers across the United States and around the world with Federal employment opportunities. Federal agencies use USAJOBS to post job openings and match qualified applicants to those jobs, and OPM manages more than 6 million active profiles used by job seekers to access and apply for job opportunities.

Designated Services

Applying to Federal job opportunities


The USAJOBS website is the starting point for job seekers looking to obtain employment with the Federal government. Approximately 22 million applications are submitted on USAJOBS for close to 450,000 Federal job announcements each year. USAJOBS connects agencies with a diverse candidate pool seeking Federal employment opportunities. In FY23, USAJOBS facilitated 1.2 billion job searches.

Seeking assistance with the Federal job application process from the USAJOBS help desk


Job seekers accessing the USAJOBS website sometimes need assistance navigating the Federal job application process. The USAJOBS help desk serves as a crucial support service to job seekers. Help desk staff are responsible for resolving seeker issues to ensure they can successfully complete the federal job application process. In FY23, help desk staff received and resolved approximately 75,000 help tickets.

Action Plans