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Forest Service

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The U.S. Forest Service works to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the nation's forests and grasslands, which includes sustainable stewardship of more than 600 million acres of forestland, 193 million acres of public lands, and more than 400 million acres of private land across the United States.

Designated Services

Getting a recreation special use permit


The Special Use program provides permits that enable private sector professionals, nonprofits, and educational institutions to lead a range of activities on National Forest System lands. The application process is often complex, particularly for historically underserved communities, which poses challenges and creates burden for applicants. The Forest Service is working to make the application process more user-friendly and expand online permit availability to make it easier for the American people to access special use permits. By addressing barriers and promoting awareness, the Forest Service strives to boost economic stimulus, inclusivity, and the valuable connection between Americans and their natural environment on National Forest System lands.

Action Plans

2023 Action Plan

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