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New FY 2024-25 Agency Priority Goals Are Available

The Office of Management and Budget published the new FY 2024-25 Agency Priority Goal (APG) updates on Performance.gov. Read our blog post to learn more.


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"During my 25 year tenure at AmeriCorps, the public service superpower I have always relied on is a combination of three things — customer service, teamwork and treating my fellow employees the way I want to be treated."

Frankie Coombs
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"My public service superpower is traveling to the outer edges of a problem and working my way back to reveal all the parts and how they connect."

Courtney Rodgers
General Services Administration
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"My public service superpower is the ability to put aside all ego and any perceived status in order to be approachable and accessible."

Christina Kingsland
General Services Administration
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"Being a public servant allows me to feel connected to a larger community where I can share thoughts and ideas that address public policy challenges. Public service empowers you to be part of something bigger than yourself and improve situations for many, not just a few."

Quinn Walker