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Jack Schreibman

U.S. Department of Transportation

2016 fellow

Jack Schreibman is the Deputy Associate Administrator for Administration for the Maritime Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). He received his B.S and J.D. Degrees from The Ohio State University before becoming Assistant Attorney General for the state of Ohio in 2000. Since 2003, Mr. Schreibman has worked in Washington D.C., first for the District of Columbia and for the last 7 years for the Federal Government where he provides oversight and management over Acquisition, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Management Services. Mr. Schreibman led a team that conduced a broad-based human capital review, known as PEAR (Personnel Enrichment and Realignment), to define Maritime Administration, DOT human capital needs and to develop a plan to restructure the workforce accordingly to meet the future needs of the organization. Mr. Schreibman conceived and organized a DOT-wide initiative to create an alumni group for over 300 attendees of the Federal Executive Institute to encourage sharing of best practices and connecting with others across DOT who might have similar issues they are tackling. Mr. Schreibman also developed the cross modal efficiency working group, which developed a list of prioritized initiatives that would increase quality and decrease costs for the Operating Administrations across DOT. In addition Mr. Schreibman was the Team Leader for the Federal Acquisition Fellows Coalition in charge of implementing the mid-level acquisition leadership development program. Before his current position, Mr. Schreibman was the Deputy Director of Acquisition where he supervised four team leaders and 16 contract specialists, ranging in seniority from GS-9 to GS-14. Mr. Schreibman also Chaired DOT’s Acquisition Workforce Working Group which included members from the Federal Aviation Administration for two years where he addressed acquisition workforce resourcing. As the Chair, part of his responsibility was to analyze internal and external trends which the DOT acquisition workforce still faces today. Mr. Schreibman was also part of the first group of AmeriCorps. He currently resides in Manassas, VA with his wife Marcie and their two daughters.

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