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Lance Kvetko

U.S. Department of Justice

2020 fellow

Lance Kvetko is the Chief of Laboratory Management and Operations for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Mr. Kvetko is responsible for leading a diverse technical team of forensic science subject matter experts and policy writers who provide direct logistical support to DEA’s nine field laboratories and satellites located throughout the United States.

Under Mr. Kvetko’s leadership, DEA modernized the business processes of its laboratories by implementing an enterprise-wide paperless information management system. Mr. Kvetko and his team have continued to confront 21st century modernization challenges in his organization by realigning personnel resources to adapt to rapidly evolving needs, promoting efficiency improvements through implementation of Lean Six Sigma methods, solving complex forensic analysis problems by leveraging advanced technologies, and ensuring continued future success of his organization through investing in current and future leaders.

Mr. Kvetko began his career with the US Government as a forensic chemist and government expert witness in forensic chemistry. Throughout his 20+ years of Federal service with DEA, Mr. Kvetko has been provided the opportunity to lead numerous scientific and support personnel in support of DEA’s activities to enforce the controlled substances laws and regulations of the United States. Mr. Kvetko also led a specialized team of government researchers whose expertise in controlled substance analysis has provided strategic and tactical support for both DEA’s enforcement and US Government intelligence efforts. In addition to his work at DEA, Mr. Kvetko has served on various interagency and intradepartmental teams. Mr. Kvetko earned a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Butler University and holds a Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles.

He will be working on the Cross Agency Priority goal, “Getting Payments Right CAP Goal.” The objective of this goal is to demonstrate stewardship of taxpayer dollars by reducing monetary loss and making payments correctly the first time.

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