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Lea-Ann Bigelow portrait

Lea-Ann Bigelow

Office Federal Financial Management, Transparency and Grants

2022 fellow

Successful leader implementing collaborative strategies to support efficient trade facilitation.

Ms. Bigelow is a versatile operations executive with a unique track record of innovation, strategy and policy development and execution, coalition building and results delivery across the Federal, private and non-profit sectors.

As Director of Interagency Collaboration at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), she led CBP’s partnerships with over 50 federal agencies and global entities with equities in cross-border trade towards optimization and impact in trade policy, trade-facilitating technology, and trade security and enforcement. In this role, she oversaw the Border Interagency Executive Council, the decision-making body charged with enhancing coordination across federal customs, transport security, health and safety, conservation, trade, and phytosanitary agencies. Ms. Bigelow also led the Global Business Identifier initiative, a transformation project aimed at developing a unique ID solution to improve the USG’s ability to pinpoint high-risk shipments, identify supply chain actors, and facilitate legitimate trade.

Ms. Bigelow’s 17 years of public sector leadership crosses two Cabinet departments including the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Commerce (DOC); and two independent agencies including Commodity Futures Trading Commission and National Gallery of Art. Prior to joining CBP, Ms. Bigelow served as Deputy Director, Performance Strategy and Systems, DOC where she led performance, strategic planning, budget integration, evaluation and enterprise risk mandates for the Office of the Secretary and across all 12 Commerce bureaus. In 2016, Ms. Bigelow was awarded the Commerce Gold Medal for distinguished contributions to Organizational Development.

Before entering public service, Ms. Bigelow was an investment banker and strategy consultant, specializing in international M&A, venture capital and project finance. Ms. Bigelow holds a B.S. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

As a WHLDP fellow, Ms. Bigelow is assigned to [placement].

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