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FY22-23 Priority Goals

Ensure all Americans have access to high-speed, affordable, and reliable broadband (Joint with USDA)

By September 30, 2023, the Departments of Agriculture and Commerce will expand affordable and reliable access to broadband service by funding projects, which when completed, will provide at least 550,000 households with reliable and affordable access to high quality internet service. This will be achieved through investment in broadband infrastructure and related activities, accompanied by outreach and technical assistance, in coordination with applicable Federal agencies, to promote American household accessibility to affordable, reliable, high-speed internet service.

Increase conservation of America’s coastal land and waters

By September 30, 2023, in support of the America the Beautiful initiative, NOAA will advance formal designation or expansion processes to conserve at least 590,000 square miles of additional coastal and marine habitats as National Marine Sanctuaries or National Estuarine Research Reserves (NERRs) to help ensure that nationally significant resources continue to provide economic, social, and environmental benefits for future generations.

Strengthen the global competitiveness of American businesses

By September 30, 2023, in support of expanding the global footprint of American small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and enhancing its accessibility and assistance to businesses in underserved communities, the International Trade Administration will accelerate its digital transformation to double the annual number of clients assisted from 38,000 in FY 2020 to 76,000 in FY 2023, with a particular focus on SMEs and the Nation’s underserved communities.