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FY24−25 Priority Goal

Shape an Appropriately Skilled and Ready Future Workforce: Improve Recruitment and Retention of the Civilian Workforce

Goal leaders

Ms. Shawn Skelly

Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (P&R)


Brynt Parmeter

Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (P&R)


Daniel Hester



To achieve

The Department’s ability to deliver relevant and timely talent is critical to building enduring competitive advantages and achieving national security objectives. Attracting and retaining civilian candidates is vital to fulfill DoD’s mission. To address these challenges, by September 30, 2025, the Department will continue to advance the use of direct hiring authorities to maintain a minimum of 80% usage rates for Direct Hire Authority (DHA)-eligible hires while further understanding the additional use of other priority authorities (to include veteran, military spouse, Schedule A and intern program authorities), improve hiring manager satisfaction incrementally up to 10% or higher over a baseline of 75%, initiate test pilots to modify hiring processes that will reduce Time-to-Hire from 85 days to 65 days, maximize the use of hiring and retention incentives and student loan repayments each quarter, and assess impacts of these efforts by reducing civilian workforce attrition by 10%.