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FY24−25 Priority Goal

High-Performing Core Assets

Goal leaders

Shailen Bhatt


Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) (DOT)

Tim Ariel


Air Traffic Organization, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) (DOT)

Nuria Fernandez


Federal Transit Administration (FTA) (DOT)

To achieve

Improve the condition/performance of Federally funded portions of the Nation’s transportation systems. By September 30, 2025, the Department will be on track to achieve three 2030 long-term goals: Fix the 10 Most Economically Significant Bridges and Repair the 15,000 In-Most-Need Smaller Bridges by 2030; Construct a Total of 30 Staffed Airport Traffic Control Towers (ATCT) and Increase the Number of Zero-Emission Bus Vehicles in the National Transit Fleet by 450% to 7,500 Vehicles.