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Advance America’s goal to land the first woman and the first person of color on the Moon and pursue a sustainable program of exploration, support scientific discovery, and demonstrate capabilities that advance lunar exploration. By September 30, 2025, NASA will Launch Artemis II, the first crewed Artemis mission; demonstrate a key enabling technology by completing an on-orbit propellant transfer test in preparation for Artemis III; and deliver other key capabilities to enable deep space exploration.

Space Technology Leadership

Ensure American global leadership in space technology innovations through increased partnering with industry and demonstrating key lunar surface and deep space technologies. By September 30, 2025, NASA will demonstrate leadership in space technology by:

  • Enhancing partnerships with industry through delivery or completion of milestones for at least 3 Tipping Point opportunities, and at least 3 small business technology transitions;
  • Advancing at least 2 new technologies demonstrated on the lunar surface or in lunar orbit; and
  • Completing at least 4 major milestones for projects that increase the Nation’s capabilities in deep space.

Understand the Earth System and its Climate

Use the global vantage point of space along with the significant scientific knowledge acquired, to advance the understanding of the Earth system and to curate actionable information to help the Nation understand, mitigate and adapt to climate change. By September 30, 2025, NASA will advance the understanding of the Earth system and its climate by delivering three new observing systems; meeting development milestones for the Earth System Observatory (ESO); and maturing the interagency U.S. Greenhouse Gas Center.