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FY24−25 Priority Goals

Advancing Equity Across SBA Products and Services

The SBA is committed to reaching underserved communities to better connect entrepreneurs to information and services, and identifying where Agency programs, services, and processes can be improved to equitably serve all eligible individuals. By September 30, 2025, the SBA will build its equity capacity across all mission offices and through evidence-building activities, assessment of programs and processes, performance measures, expanding products and services to underserved markets, and further embedding equity principles in SBA programs, which will be measured, among other things, through:

  • Increasing federal contracting awards to small disadvantaged businesses (SDBs) to 15%
  • Increasing the loan portfolio of the Community Advantage Small Business Lending Company program by 10%
  • Increasing the number of underserved small businesses supported by SBA’s Entrepreneurial Development Programs by 10%.

Advancing Customer Experience Across the SBA

The SBA will provide a clearer, easier, and more consistent experience across programs through human centered design, customer feedback, and process improvement to eliminate inefficiencies and duplication. By September 30, 2025, the SBA will enhance customer experience in its mission-based program offices through customer-driven strategies that drive improvements in customer access and in SBA policies, processes, and procedures which will be measured, among other things, through:

  • Unifying government contracting certification programs onto a single platform
  • Implementing a customer platform where small business owners can access at least 50% of SBA services using one log-in
  • Launching 2 new surveys for the SBA’s High Impact Service Provider (HISP) designated services.