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Bernadette Adams

U.S. Department of Education

2017 fellow

Bernadette Adams is a recognized leader in educational technology policy. As Branch Chief and Senior Policy Advisor for the Office of Educational Technology in the U.S. Department of Education, she has led projects to provide practitioners, policymakers, industry leaders, and other key stakeholders at the federal, state and local level with guidance on: research-based policies and practices implemented by successful Future Ready Leaders; new strategies for evaluating the effectiveness of learning technologies; the role of online communities of practice and social networks in enhancing educator performance; exemplary strategies for district leaders to design, fund, acquire, and maintain technology infrastructure; exemplary strategies, startups and entrepreneurs to leverage technology to solve persistent problems in education; and key considerations for successfully implementing personalized student learning in schools. Prior to joining the Office of Educational Technology, Bernadette worked to advance the use of technology for workforce development at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Partnership for Reinventing Government, and served as a consultant to design an innovative technology-based science curriculum for the Atlanta Public School District.

Bernadette is passionate about serving as a collaborative leader, using social media and cutting edge technology tools to reach a wide audience of diverse stakeholders to create processes for gathering input, building support, and communicating both successes and challenges. She is diligent in all her work to foster a culture of trust and innovation by supporting risk taking, experimenting, and sharing innovative ideas.

Bernadette holds a BS in Biochemistry from UC San Diego, and MA from the Education in Math, Science and Technology Division of the UC Berkeley School of Education. You can follow her on LinkedIn.

Branch Chief and Senior Policy Advisor U.S. Department of Education.

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