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Dr. Christopher P. R. Hoppel

U.S. Department of Defense

2023 fellow

Dr. Christopher P. R. Hoppel is an accomplished engineer and program manager who leads innovative research to solve complex technical problems. At the Army Research Laboratory, he led research into the high-rate dynamic response of materials leading to the most effective, lightweight armors in the world for protecting soldiers and vehicles. He led the Army Ballistics and Blast Community of Practice, bringing together stakeholders from across the Department of Defense (DOD) to revolutionize armor technology.

Dr. Hoppel also led the armor research for the Army’s Future Combat Systems as well as the development of lightweight, space-efficient metal matrix composite artillery projectiles. He served on the executive committee of the American Society for Composites and led the joint DOD and Department of Energy program on Advanced Composite Materials for Munitions. Dr. Hoppel is a Fellow of the American Society for Composites. He was recognized with the Army Civilian Service Commendation and Achievement Medals in 2022 and 2016. He earned the Army Research Laboratory Director’s Award in 2022, the Award for Community Service in 2010 and 2013, and the Award for Engineering in 2003. In 2003, he was recognized as one of the Army Materiel Command’s ten outstanding personnel.

Dr. Hoppel earned his bachelor’s degree, master’s degree of engineering, and a doctorate in engineering science and mechanics from Pennsylvania State University. As a White House Leadership Development Program Fellow, Dr. Hoppel will be serving in the Made in America Office. Outside of work, he has formed and coached high school soccer and robotics teams that successfully competed on the national level.

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