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Richard A. Skokowski

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

2019 fellow

Mr. Skokowski has been a role model of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) values during his distinguished 28 year career. As a White House Leadership Development Program Fellow, Mr. Skokowski is going beyond his comfort zone working on the Cross-Agency Priority Goal of “Getting Payments Right.”

With the NRC, Mr. Skokowski has played a critical role in a wide range of activities related to nuclear reactors and nuclear material safety and security, as well as Agency improvement. Mr. Skokowski’s technical skills, assessment abilities, and regulatory perspective have made him a valued Agency asset for evaluating nuclear power plant poor performance to ensure public safety and security and to obtain substantial and sustainable improved performance. Particularly Mr. Skokowski’s leadership during the restart assessment of the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant following the extended shutdown as a result of major corrosion identified on the reactor vessel head and associated safety culture issues was vital in ensuring the safe restart of the plant. The breadth of Mr. Skokowski’s’s knowledge and experience encompasses engineering, operations, maintenance, radiological controls, security, emergency preparedness, safety culture and regulatory enforcement.

Mr. Skokowski’s leadership role was instrumental in the development of the NRC 2018-2002 Strategic Plan as well as the recently established Agency Leadership Model. Through his due diligence and persistence as the NRC Region III Cultural Improvement Effort Lead, Mr. Skokowski turned the tide of three years of declining Regional Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) scores with three years of continually improving scores, including an 8% increase in the 2017 FEVS results for the New IQ Group (engagement, satisfaction and inclusion). In recognition of his NRC career, Mr. Skokowski is an NRC Meritorious Award Recipient for his inspection prowess and insightful, well-based and objective assessment of licensee and Agency performance that distinguish him as a sought-after resource for high profile efforts.

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