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Sean Peters

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

2023 fellow

Sean E. Peters is an accomplished leader from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). His outstanding career of more than 25 years includes working on aerospace, mechanical engineering, and design on NASA and commercial aerospace programs, including Space Shuttle, Space Station, Delta IV rockets and Air Force 1 and Air Force 2 fleets. For the NRC, Mr. Peters held considerable responsibility working as a Reactor Inspector, Reactor Systems Engineer, Senior Project Manager, Executive Technical Assistant, and Human and Organizational Factors Branch Chief.

As a Branch Chief in the Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research, Mr. Peters directed state-of-the-art research to support advanced nuclear operations. He led the development of a highly successful and sustainable agency-wide innovation program and the development of a simulator-based human subject research program that was emulated by more than a dozen research and educational organizations around the world. As the Chair of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Nuclear Energy Agency’s Working Group on Human and Organizational Factors, Mr. Peters leads teams of international researchers to develop critical, safety-related research and share best practices in human and organizational factors across the globe. Most recently, the NRC’s Executive Director for Operations asked Mr. Peters to lead the development of a new hybrid work paradigm for the agency to tackle the difficulties and cultural challenges associated with the NRC’s post-pandemic re-entry.

Mr. Peters has a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Oklahoma. In his role as a White House Leadership Development Program Fellow, he intends to use his experience in systems engineering and human and organizational factors to support the Administration’s IT Strategy in the areas of cybersecurity and supply chain risk management.

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