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People of Public Service

Meet the people serving our communities

"During my 25 year tenure at AmeriCorps, the public service superpower I have always relied on is a combination of three things — customer service, teamwork and treating my fellow employees the way I want to be treated."

Frankie Coombs

"My public service superpower is traveling to the outer edges of a problem and working my way back to reveal all the parts and how they connect."

Courtney Rodgers
General Services Administration

"My public service superpower is the ability to put aside all ego and any perceived status in order to be approachable and accessible."

Christina Kingsland
General Services Administration

"Being a public servant allows me to feel connected to a larger community where I can share thoughts and ideas that address public policy challenges. Public service empowers you to be part of something bigger than yourself and improve situations for many, not just a few."

Quinn Walker

"My public service superpower is having extraordinary levels of endurance, tenacity, and focus."

Brandy Kovacic
General Services Administration

"My public service superpower is resilience because no matter how big the challenge is, I encourage my team to collaborate with our partners to turn every obstacle into an opportunity, to help others and grow our abilities. With this we are finding more innovative ways every day to support acquisition and protect taxpayer dollars."

Nicole Gan
Defense Contract Audit Agency

"I'm passionate about making our workplaces more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible by recruiting the best talent, connecting with communities, and sharing the stories of our employees."

Kelly Kim
Department of the Interior

"I'm proud to be a public servant because I know the work I do every day is directly impacting communities around me in a positive way. It feels awesome to give back to communities that have given so much to me."

Jordyn Taylor
Environmental Protection Agency

"I'm proud to be a public servant because I'm passionate about applying my education, experience, and abilities to contribute to the incredibly important and meaningful work of the Federal Government, alongside my brilliant, dedicated, and public-minded colleagues."

Greg Shanahan
U.S. Agency for International Development

"My public service superpower is customer service. I try to always have the customer as excited with the end product as they were with the initial idea. I love showing them I understood what they wanted and knowing that they're satisfied and feel heard."

Ebony Veney
Department of Transportation

"My public service superpower is adapting to the changing needs of the federal workforce and the citizens we serve. I’m proud to serve, because I know everyday my efforts, regardless of how big or small, positively affect the lives of millions of citizens."

Andrew Reitmeyer
Internal Revenue Service

"I am proud to be a public servant because the acquisition work I do supports the mission of the EPA to protect human health and the environment. Even though I am just one person, I know that I am a small part of making the planet a better place for future generations."

Abby Holland
Environmental Protection Agency

"As a Detective with the Town of Erie Police Department, my public service superpower is working closely with victims throughout the criminal justice process."

Shannon Crow
Erie Police Department

"My public service superpower is being a leader that listens, delegates, and encourages and exhibits empathy, accountability, and resilience."

Nikkii Hatcher
Office of Personnel Management

"There are few occupations better than one that allows people to be in service to their country. As a public servant, I am proud to promote American ideals at home and abroad through my work at USAID."

Erin Brown
U.S. Agency for International Development

"My public service superpower is leading teams by overseeing projects and bridging communication of all collaborators with an end result that positively impacts Veterans."

Ruth "Lisa" Plaza
Department of Veterans Affairs

"My superpower is a fusion of tireless enthusiasm, persistence, and focus for harnessing evidence to design and deliver government programs that really work for the American public."

Dr. Rebecca Kruse
Department of Homeland Security

"I'm proud to be a public servant because every day of my Federal career I have worked closely with people who are committed to public service and who, often without credit or recognition, work tirelessly for the good of the American people. I could not be prouder to call them my colleagues and friends."

Kellie Riley
Office of Personnel Management

"I'm proud to be a public servant because when I'm 80, I want to be able to look back and say that I devoted myself to something that was worthwhile."

Ilona Palmer

"My public service superpower is my ability to use collaboration effectively by bringing diverse ideas together to accomplish the mission in a strategic way. The work that we do matters and ensuring the safety of the public is the cornerstone of our mission."

Dunesia Clark
Nuclear Regulatory Commission

"My superpower is ensuring that my professional knowledge and skills are passed to my fellow teammates and colleagues across DOT. I am proud to excel in my job and perform at a high level because it is the representation of my career development during my journey in the United States."

Alvaro Rodriguez
Department of Transportation

"In my mind, there is no greater profession than helping others. My public service superpower is being able to connect people to nature and our National Forests, not just today but for generations to come."

Kristen Sikorsky
U.S. Forest Service

"No matter what grade or position a public servant is in, they can lead from where they are by doing things like providing excellent customer service, proposing innovative strategies, and embracing diversity in order to make positive changes."

Kishayra J. Lambert
Social Security Administration

"I have wanted to work at EPA since I was a little boy. I am proud to work for an agency with a mission to “protect human health and the environment” – how much more noble of a mission can you ask for?"

Kevin Hollerbach
Environmental Protection Agency

"I am proud to be a public servant because my current role is purposeful and necessary. Our work can be challenging, but the outcome is always to serve the American public."

Juanita Stokes
Department of the Treasury

"I feel proud to be a public servant because my efforts, talent, and expertise are put towards the greater good. Through my work, I contribute to the US government fulfilling its mission of serving the American public."

Damiana Astudillo
Office of Management and Budget

"It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the frontline of clinical care or the backend of research administration, what I do greatly impacts our Veterans. Whatever contribution I can make to improve their care, I’m honored because they are our Nation’s heroes."

Christina Jobson
Department of Veterans Affairs

"I am proud to confront the issues of equity in our underserved communities. I believe we can all make a difference to improve the current ethnic and gender disparity in the federal government. It's when we achieve racial and gender equity will we have a diverse workforce to meet the needs of the communities we serve."

Vivian Chen
U.S. Forest Service

"Working as a public servant enables me to use my diplomacy skills to impact change in dealing with so many different people, priorities, and personalities."

Tarita Bennett
U.S. Agency for International Development

"I'm proud to be a public servant because I get to share the stories, histories, & cultures tied to some of the world’s greatest artistic achievements with the American people. I learn so much from my colleagues, and it’s my honor to amplify their scholarship & hard work through social media & communications."

Sai Muddasani
Smithsonian Institute

"Public service is truly a calling. As a blind person, I could not serve in the military, but I consider my federal career as my military service. I am gifted at bringing together diverse thought leaders and brokering visionary outcomes and deliverables."

Gary Norman
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

"I am proud to be a “Section 508 Evangelist,” advocating for accessible technology and digital content, while changing the culture at the Department of Labor. I motivate and inspire my coworkers to work towards providing services and resources that are much more accessible to people with disabilities."

Brandon Jubar
Department of Labor

"My pride in public service stems from the ability to contribute to programs and projects that directly benefit Americans across the country and worldwide, especially targeting the underserved. As public servants, we are so fortunate our projects can improve the quality of life for millions of people."

Pamela Crawford
Social Security Advisory Board

"What makes me proud as a public servant is getting the opportunity to improve environmental conditions for all Americans. In my job with DOE, I empower communities through knowledge & connecting them to the right experts to better understand wind energy development & what it means for the places they live."

Maggie Yancey
Department of Energy

"As a first-generation Latina, it is an honor to be a public servant. Working at the U.S. Treasury and doing my part in creating an equitable world through strategic planning is the most fulfilling job I’ve had, and I look forward to a long career serving the American people."

Jocelyn Nieto
Department of the Treasury

"I consider public service to be a calling. I get the opportunity to help save lives by speaking about safety at Travel Planner industry conferences throughout the year. I teach the travel industry about the importance & use of FMCSA’s safety resource tools when selecting passenger carrier services."

Gregory Nahmens
Department of Transportation

"In my position as a Regulatory Health Scientist at the FDA, I focus on improving public health by finding solutions to complex problems & giving every task 100% effort. I stand behind the FDA mission of ensuring safety, efficacy, and security of drugs, food, and products."

Ashish Sarin
Food and Drug Administration

"Public service is an opportunity to give something back to the community and the nation for the things they've given to me. In my role at HUD, I always set aside my biases and include everyone in the conversation, especially people who have a different viewpoint than me."

Victoria Masih
Department of Housing and Urban Development

"My public service superpower is taking vast amounts of information and data to create products that are useful to the public, businesses, and policy makers."

R. Chase Sawyer
U.S. Census Bureau

"I'm proud to be a public servant because I know what I do makes a difference in the lives of everyday Americans. Food was always important in my Italian American family & knowing that through my work at USDA, I can make sure families have access to food as I did, makes every day a rewarding work experience."

Kristina Martorano
U.S. Department of Agriculture

"Working as a public servant enables me to use my skills to affect change and support national security efforts thereby benefitting all Americans. Maintaining the right mindset helps me tackle problems both large and small to further our national security interests."

Kelly Reese
Department of the Air Force

"I'm proud to be a steward for American tax dollars and humbled to be a protector of federal funds. As a USPTO contracting officer, it's an asset to be both adaptable and resilient. I quickly adjust when customers’ needs and requirements grow and change."

Aliza Brown
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

"I am proud to be a public servant because in doing my job I can make a small difference, which in turn leads to change in the lives of Veterans. I make sure to show up and be present every day because I care deeply about Veterans."

Shemika Wray
Department of Veterans Affairs

"My public service superpower is optimism! I try to keep my team engaged and excited no matter the challenge. Together, we help our employees and our taxpayers become more aware of digital tools which assist us all, and for that I am very proud."

Nicol J. Collins
Internal Revenue Service

"I love my job because Challenge.gov is a portal for equitable public participation in problem solving and innovation within the federal government."

Jarah Meador
General Services Administration

"Being able to help taxpayers in need of assistance makes me very proud to be a public service member. It is uplifting, heartwarming, and touching knowing that at the end of each day I was able to aid people with their concerns."

Dieynaba S. Diabate
Internal Revenue Service

"My public service superpower is Mining the Archive. This superpower uses research tools to extract meaning from documents produced by and for an organization over many decades, locating useful insights that promote institutional learning, shape policy alternatives, and inspire historically-informed futures."

Cameron Keys
Department of the Army