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FY24−25 Priority Goal

Environmental Management

Goal leaders

William (Ike) White

Senior Advisor for Environmental Management to the Under Secretary for Science

Office of Environmental Management (DOE)

Jeff Avery

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary

Office of Environmental Management (DOE)

To achieve

To execute key projects of the EM cleanup mission, including treatment of radioactive tank waste and disposal of transuranic waste and mill tailings. By September 30, 2025, EM will:

  • Transition Direct Feed Low Activity Waste facilities and systems from commissioning and readiness activities to low-activity tank waste vitrification at Hanford;
  • Complete dewatering and grouting of K-West 105 Area Spent Fuel Basin at Hanford;
  • Cumulatively treat approximately 19 million gallons of radioactive tank waste (or equivalent amount of radioactivity) at the Savannah River Salt Waste Processing Facility;
  • Complete soil remediation field work at the Oak Ridge East Tennessee Technology Park;
  • Cumulatively treat approximately 200,000 gallons of radioactive sodium bearing tank waste at the Idaho Integrated Waste Treatment Unit;
  • Cumulatively convert approximately 50,000 metric tons of DUF6 to uranium oxide at Portsmouth;
  • Complete at least 65 transuranic waste shipments from Los Alamos to WIPP;
  • Complete above-grade demolition of the Main Plant Process Building at West Valley; and
  • Ship 1.85 million tons of uranium mill tailings from Moab to the Crescent Junction disposal site.

Progress Updates