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FY22-23 Priority Goals

Right-Size GSA's Real Estate Portfolio

GSA will transform its real estate portfolio to better reflect the changing needs of the post-pandemic Federal workforce. As agencies modify their physical footprint, GSA will right-size its inventory to fully use its federally owned assets, backfill or terminate vacant leased space, and dispose of the properties necessary to achieve an optimized portfolio.

GSA will engage customers to develop National Workspace Portfolio Plans for the 24 Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Act agencies by September 30, 2023. Plans will define the customer’s desired future real estate footprint, the steps necessary to reach that footprint and strategies for supporting the customer’s evolving workstyle needs through technology and services solutions.

Increase Adoption of GSA-Sponsored Identity Solutions

GSA will increase adoption of Login.gov, a simple, secure, and equitable shared service at the forefront of the public’s digital identity. The goal is for Login.gov to be the public’s one account for accessing government services online. Login.gov can cost-effectively help agencies to support a better user experience, streamline user accounts, and enhance security. GSA is expanding its suite of identity solutions to increase diversity of vendor and Government data source providers. GSA wants to improve identity verification rates across a broader set of demographics, such as age, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status.

  • Increase the number of customer agencies using at least one GSA identity management solution from 27 to 33 agencies
  • Increase the number of annual active users on the Login.gov platform from 16M to 41M
  • Expand the number of identity vendors and Government data source providers utilized on the platform from 2 to 4

Address the Climate Crisis through Zero-Emission Fleet Vehicles

As part of GSA’s efforts to tackle the climate crisis, the agency will support near-term global reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and a long-term goal of net-zero global emissions by helping agencies increase their conversions to clean- and zero-emission fleet vehicles (ZEVs).

GSA will work with customer agencies to enable an increasing percentage of vehicles eligible for replacement with ZEVs to be replaced with ZEVs each fiscal year.

Note: Actual targets will depend on the level and specified purpose of funding received and the EV make/models available from industry that meet agency mission requirements.