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FY24−25 Priority Goal

Address the Climate Crisis through Zero-Emission Fleet Vehicles

Goal leaders

Tom Howder

Acting Commissioner

Federal Acquisition Service (GSA)

Elliot Doomes


Public Buildings Service (GSA)

To achieve

As part of GSA’s efforts to tackle the climate crisis and help the Federal Government lead by example, GSA will support near-term reductions in scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions and a long-term goal of net-zero global emissions by helping agencies convert to zero-emission fleet vehicles (ZEVs). In line with E.O. 14057, GSA will help agencies achieve 100% non-tactical vehicle acquisitions as ZEVs by 2035, including 100% of all light-duty vehicle acquisitions as ZEVs by 2027. GSA will support customer agencies in maximizing the replacement of conventionally fueled vehicles that are eligible to be replaced with ZEVs, increasing the presence of ZEVs in the Federal Fleet each fiscal year. GSA will also evaluate viability and capacity of a Federal facility’s ZEV charging infrastructure to support conversion to an electric vehicle fleet.*

*Note: The speed of ZEV deployment and the number of ZEVs purchased will be influenced by funding and market availability.

Progress Updates